The Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2022

Founded in the 1990s, affiliate marketing has become an important tool in driving traffic and increasing profits. The affiliate marketing industry existed since the beginning on internet and has seen very little activity lately. Trends are showing that online marketing has a long-lasting impact. Today, the Affiliate Marketing method has been adopted through many channels. Many bloggers include affiliate links on their reviews, while YouTube creators have affiliate links on video descriptions that highlight specific products.

Best recurring affiliate programs

Oftentimes affiliate programs provide recurring cash back after selling but other programs provide annual payout. A program that makes recurring income for a company makes remittances on recurring (or weekly) purchases for its website. This popular podcast hosts provides recurring payments of up to 60% of the original revenue and also gives new visitors $20 Amazon gift cards to improve their conversion rates. Buzzsprout supports my podcast hosting site, and their marketing department is very competent in assisting with the content idea and promotion.

What does recurring payment mean?

If payments have been made “recurring” they are paid twice, but only once, when you still commission users. Continuing earnings programmes pay commission every month to customers based on their retention rate. Almost all of the recurring program advertisers are software as a software (SaaS) advertisers with monthly subscriptions. Compared to the monthly subscription, the LTV is much higher for customers who continue paying until their churns are gone. The advertiser may therefore pay a commission of a little less than the monthly rate or less over the lifetime of a client.


NinjaOutreach combines the best influencer marketing tools. The tool helps you conduct outreach by finding influencer-emails, building lists of emailed contacts and growing your content marketing campaign. They had previously offered 40% of recurring revenues, now offering 26%.

Elegant themes

Elegant Themes provides 89 WordPress themes to users with more than 550,000 customers. If you are an editor who recommends a theme to readers, you can use ElegantThemes as a way to generate traffic for your blog with high ticket 50% recurring payouts.


ClickFunnels is an effective website builder that provides 40% of the revenue for any sale. There are many different advertising and educational courses available for promotion and an interactive web page for grabbing links.


Spy Fu provides other SEO tools that concentrate on competitive intelligence. You can use this tool to download data on your competitors' most popular paid keywords. There is an ongoing payment of 40%.

One-time Payout Pros and Cons

Pros: You can pay for an additional subscription at a higher price. Pros: You don’t provide consistent earnings streams for affiliate marketing, but you may make less over a lifetime.

Website Affiliate Programs

After hosting and VPNs in most affiliate category websites such as WordPress and Squarespace come second behind. As blogging starts by selecting a webhost, the same is true for businesses that want their web site built. Since paying customers may remain at least 24-36 months longer with an extremely high lifetime value, a Sa - based company could easily afford the cost of a total of more than 100%. List a list of the most successful Affiliate Websites and Online Retailers. Wix offers an impressive 100 million users.

How do you find the best affiliate products to sell?

Affiliate Marketing accounts for one of the 4 major ecommerce sales channels, and outperforms Social Commerce and Advertising. I mentioned how Affiliate Marketing makes great income, but not for everyone. Depending upon your needs you can simply engage your customers and keep in touch with industry trends. Whatever the motive, it's important for sellers to determine which products really sell. It makes sense. Some sellers provide enticing commissions and offer affiliates to sell their products online.

3D printers

No longer is it necessary for you to purchase a printer to have the necessary parts for storing your personal items. The overall cost is lowered, but it's still possible to predict the outcome. It can now become quite easily accessible to anyone with a 3D printer. 3D printing is not just a hobby product. Its application is well-suited to numerous production scenarios. It is now becoming increasingly clear that 3D printers should never be missed if they are the future.

Why should I use 3D printers for Affiliate Marketing?

The 3D printer is not yet available, and its adoption rate is growing. When you join an affiliate program specifically targeting 3D printing, you can generate incredibly high commissions. Since it's still relatively new, it can make an amazing investment to people wanting to start affiliate marketing.

Tell me the best affiliate program?

Website Hosts are the top Affiliate Marketing categories in the world. Almost everything new websites need hosting. Many affiliate bloggers start blogging and marketing first and join the affiliate program for web hosting. Web hosting companies provide the most profitable programs for affiliates and so they rank high on my list. This is what I choose in a highly rewarded affiliate program. Bluehost's affiliate program has a huge appeal within web hosting.

VPN Affiliate Programs

Then we move on to the VPN. In 2013, nearly 30% worldwide users used a VPN a single month, which grew year over year. Because this technology is so popular, it's often recommended to have a public internet connection with your readers. Besides a post about the best VPNs, I also went on the bandwagon too. I even use VPNs when traveling abroad, and even do keyword research pretending to live elsewhere.

Accessories for phones

I'm not talking about cheap handsfree or plastic phones! The smartphone accessories market is still hot after smartphones launched at both a high end level. This holiday season can be the perfect opportunity to work with the best accessories manufacturers. The product range comprises LED phones cases, no-brand Wireless ears and Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Why promote phone accessories?

Often manufacturers and dealers of accessory products have affiliates. It'll give you an abundance of options. There's incredibly much potential to buy, from cover to protector to plug in.

Affiliate networks

Afterwards, let me stop on to an affiliate network. When looking for a new affiliate program to join, you could look on an online website or use an online tool. Having a partner program is a much easier task and there are hundreds more programs available. Through their online shop, the users can easily compare programs, duration cookies, average CPIs etc.

How do I choose the best affiliate network?

The network to join depends largely on your overall affiliate marketing strategy and your type of promotion. Let us see if we can choose the better product. 1. Many merchants in their niche. Some networks focus primarily on certain segments such fashion beauty products, as well as home goods while others can boast more B2B brand owners and businesses merchants. If your blogging site is crowded, you should be certain to see many merchants matching their niche. Make sure it is free. You must pay for membership. Network earns through charging merchants – setup fees, monthly fees, affiliate commissions, and commissions.

Tell me the affiliate network?

Affiliate Network is an intermediary between a merchant and an affiliate that promotes the product. Affiliate Network allows publishers to search through ad agencies and join a program at once. They also help companies reach bigger audiences through the recruitment of affiliates. There is also another benefit. You can see affiliate links from different programs, receive timely payments, and check out all the affiliate programs.


Drones are very popular. However there are a number of restrictions that apply to flights, but their markets don't have any signs of slowing. The drone has become mainly used to perform commercial tasks such as photography and for recreational use. And what's great is that drone manufacturers have many affiliate programs in this expanding industry.

Why are drones so popular among affiliate marketers?

DJI is among the biggest brands in the drone industry. It also has an affiliate program that has been updated and has the potential to become an important partner for many. From DJI Sparks to Mivic Minis, there are many alternatives available. DJI's affiliate program in particular offers great opportunities to advertise.

Car vacuum cleaners

Auto vacuums are incredibly suitable for online shops as well as retail. It's normally not very expensive unless you choose more expensive options. Plus, vacuum cleaners for vehicles are a necessity. People should maintain a safe car throughout the year, making it an excellent investment in the long run.

Why do people use vacuum cleaners in cars?

Auto vacuum machines don't go out of style. This will remain useful forever, and it's a good idea for people to stick to basic items. If your goal is for promoting a product that is not seasonal and is always popular, it is important for your customers to use vacuum cleaners.

Security & surveillance systems

What do we know about gold rush? In today's uncertain and degrading world, demand for security monitoring devices is increasing. As a result of this high demand, it makes markets really hot and they'll only get hotter. It is lucrative for marketers working within the security industry.

Why are security and surveillance systems worth promoting?

Security and surveillance are huge industries, as are B2C and B2 B companies involved. There are many things you can promote. The product offers excellent flexibility for affiliates seeking a diverse audience that requires targeted attention.

Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers will soon become the standard as people switch off wireless and NFC charging devices. The reason for the popularity of these charger models is simple. It's hot out there with numerous companies creating different types of chargers. We have a good chance of winning!

Why do affiliate marketers sell wireless chargers?

Why would a reseller sell wireless charging devices? In general, we are gaining momentum towards a wireless future. Nearly every smartphone and tablet now supports wireless charging. There's arguably a larger number of wireless chargers available in the market that compete with each other.

Home automation

Home automation is expanding rapidly thanks to many major innovations including smart speakers, smart TVs, and intelligent hubs. This product also has an established user base and direct impact on the lucrative affiliate marketing market.

Earn at your own pace

Refer clients and start earning passive profits by selling home automation products. Home Automation products saw a surge in sales during this time. But if you want to create your own target market you need to promote certain gadgets.

Tell me the best way to promote home automation?

The home automation industry is growing rapidly. The introduction of Ring by Google as a competitor for Nest should indicate that it was an important move. We have to go!

Virtual Reality

Yeah, absolutely. Make a sale of virtual reality! VR has begun to gain traction. Despite recent advances in the VR technology Facebook is changing its name from Meta and will put the fullest effort in promoting the company's products.

Is this a great niche to target?

The rise of Meta means a number of businesses have shifted focus towards the virtual reality headset segment. There are many upside opportunities to pursue. The interest will only increase, and that just increases the chance to succeed.

Mind-blowing Affiliate Marketing Statistics

The results were amazing. It is evident the business recognizes that affiliate marketing is able to grow sales.

As of August 2019 Google searches for “affiliate marketing” are at a record high level since tracking began in 2004

Source Google Trends - a self-analyzed data source. Google Trends can help you find trends in user behavior. Similarly, assuming the search engines increase search results for “affiliate marketing” more people will be referring to that phrase. Tell me the answer to the question? The global search for affiliates is increasing! Most of these folks are from outside the United States. Because online advertising is gaining popularity, affiliates are able to reach millions of users worldwide. While the amount of revenue a specific affiliate marketer makes can fluctuate significantly, some of them rely entirely on it. Some even turn into a millionaire.

A single Influencer made $7 million in a year

The company is an entrepreneur's website. I am bringing you an affiliate marketing millionaire world! However Stones's story seems to be quite unique. During his first burglary he deleted dozens of Instagram posts. They were following Stone on Facebook and knew there were no homes. Soon after this incident the young man realized that he could make money via social networks and began creating Instagram profiles. He draws a crowd of a million followers within an hour. Stone earned millions through affiliates on his website. He hired influencers as a way of marketing himself and will do the same for the other people he has consulted.

Affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of online orders

AWIN sources: this represents almost one-half of all sales on ecommerce sites! The idea is proof that the affiliate network will work well and provide good communication channels. 38% say it is one of the top acquisition channels for marketing professionals today. This is amazing if one considers the growing variety of advertising channels that are available on social media, television, digital advertising, outdoor mobile advertising and print. Small phones in the pockets of the users can be regarded as the main source of traffic for top affiliates. They still make up almost 40% of traffic.

About 0.67% of Youtube videos contain at least one affiliate URL

The sources of information are: Princeton University It is common for the influencers to talk about Instagram, but affiliate trend covers all social networks. Youtube is one of the best examples. This platform lets you embed links in your video. Why do many YouTubers show up in corners to get viewers to click on links? YouTube attracts marketing and influence. There's a place advertisers can reach millions of customers. It is interactive and simple and flawless. Video marketing statistics suggest that creating video advertisements increases awareness, effectiveness, and ROI.

81% of brands have adopted affiliate marketing

Sources: Publishers recognize ad revenue from affiliate advertising. This should never be surprising. The internet's largest companies eat up the profits of Internet advertisements, and publishers are looking to generate revenue. Affiliate marketing firms offer these options. It has a huge audience and makes for a great affiliate channel. However, they do not simply exist as media. Influencers are the rockstar of the internet. They have hundreds and millions of supporters worldwide. Online celebrity PewdiePie is the first person to break YouTubes 100 million fans limit.

At the end of 2018, there were 11400 affiliate marketing programs in the United States alone

Source: AM Navigation. This number is unbelievable. In addition, the report highlights the wide variety of products offered in the Affiliate marketing business. It is possible to make money by selling your product to an affiliate: food supplements, insurance, or software products. And of course, it's possible to sell diamonds! James Allen has affiliate programs where he pays out 5% of the sales. The average purchase is approximately $600.50. Keep in mind the figures listed here do not include Amazon or eBay, which operate own affiliate sites.

In the UK affiliate marketing spending reached $670 million in 2017

Sources. The UK has a major affiliate market in the world. Although data was collected in 2017, it shows an overall positive development in this industry. That was the year companies spent $65 million to invest in affiliate marketing; sales were $10.8bn. The company earned $16 back after spending $17 on affiliate programs. This is incredible! Certainly, such figures could convince most to get involved as an affiliate marketer because they know the market is not full. It's also great news in marketing for those who always have a goal in mind.

Wrap up

Affiliates are now being introduced everywhere, from fashion to medical products. Many advertisers enjoy paying ads. In advertising, you pay only when your customer converts to client. It has tremendous effectiveness and adds value to marketing processes. Affiliate marketers have an estimated return of over 1200% from their investments in affiliate marketing. Oh yeah! Okay this is the most interesting number today. Until then!

Affiliate marketing is expected to reach $6.4 billion in revenue by 2019

E-commerce. Throughout the year affiliate profits increased. The market was 45% bigger five years ago. All are involved. Almost every supplier has affiliate schemes. Anyone may register to sell any product produced by the firm. Almost half the earnings from affiliate marketing are from retailers, and this is reasonable. Retailers spend a significant amount on marketing from outdoor marketing to augmented reality marketing.

74% of users trust social networks to guide them to a purchase decision

Stockmarket Doubler Affiliate Marketing is a social media influencer whose role is based on influence. Users trust Influencers who then use affiliate online marketing to earn money. How can we trust someone with information online? We're all influenced by influencers. Internet personalities build audience trust before launching campaigns on Facebook or Twitter. The user then believes it.


I'm curious and I want answers to digital problems that are causing a lot of problems in my world. My interest in all the software tools is everything that will simplify my life. When I am unable to find purpose, yoga and healthy meals have stayed in touch with me.

83 % of advertisers use affiliate marketing to discover and promote their products

Forrester consultants sources. Affiliate advertising has proven incredibly effective both in the launch of new products and in retaining sales. Approximately four in five marketers use affiliate marketing to promote a product in general.

Tell me the best affiliate network?

Let's talk about my favorite affiliate network list.

Rakuten LinkShare

LinkShare, or previously Rakuten, is an affiliate network headquartered in New York. They have been in business for a long time but they are not as big as JC by Conversant. Despite that, the retailer has more than 1000 stores available which include many famous retailers such as New Balance, Sun Ray-Ban, Sephora, and Target. Tell me the uniqueness of these products? First, Rakuten offers an intuitive interface with the advanced deeplink tool that allows creating rotating banner ads when you are selling goods and services to the public. Installs are easy for everyone. A few of their video tutorials and reports also provide excellent information and tips for making a profit. Nevertheless, they have some disadvantages.


Shareasale is an international affiliate network with more than 3900 businesses. The company was established over 19 years ago with the intention of becoming the leading player in the industry. The vertical that it promotes includes fashion, gardening, food, and beverages, as well as B2B. But we have many more. Additionally, they offer excellent features, such as webinar and affiliate marketing courses and merchant recommendation tools for growing revenue. Its platform has an excellent technology base. Shareasale offers a quick access to affiliate links and reporting tools, and prides itself on transparency, efficiency, and accuracy.


Impact is a comprehensive partnership relationship management system for publishers relationship management. Affiliates can join our network to apply for programs by over a million brands, including Uber, Airbnb, and Allstate. Brands looking for affiliate programs should use Impact as they have the best partnership tools. Impact software simplifies partnership programs and allows them to manage their business effectively. Impact provides a platform for companies looking for partnerships to build on.

CJ by Conversant

CJ of Conversants was founded 20 years ago and has been an affiliate in the industry since. Its software generates over $150bn of sales per year with $1.9 billion annually being distributed to affiliates. Getting affiliated with CJ is a very good option. Various manufacturers like Overstock, Priceline, GoPro, Lowes and Office Depot can be partners on CJ.com. From a journalist perspective, it has partnered with big brands such as Reuters, Time and Buzzfeed.


Lemonad' s is an affiliate marketing network with more than 5000 businesses to be promoted. 85% of publishers increase revenues within 3 months using Lemonads. Avangate Viglink Pepperjam Clickbank also offers great tools for advertising ad placements. Clickbank allows businesses to promote products in various sectors from food, fitness, home health, wellness and other.

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