Guide to affiliate tracking software

Affiliate tracking software: How can we improve affiliate advertising performance? Invest in Affiliate marketing software to boost your sales! Affiliate marketing can help you make money on-line by selling a product to people with a commission. Bloggers and YouTubers are using ad-hoc marketing to increase their business and generate profits for their websites. If you want a company that sells your goods to a wider audience then a person can buy your product from them with no commission or any fees. This is an easy-to-handle deal that will benefit everyone.

Tune in

Tune possesses a great degree of flexibility. Tune has some excellent b2b affiliate marketing programs. Tune provides real-time reporting and data streaming. Reports are customizable to the requirements which helps track conversions quickly. It allows for a personalized user experience for Tune. Tune provides an effective management system for affiliates with specialized tools for detecting and preventing affiliate fraud. Tune provides useful mobile advertising features, which are important in the digital age of the mobile age. Using the SDK, you'll be able to create customized campaigns for a particular smartphone device.


Referrals are ideal for e-commerce websites running affiliate programs. It's easy to use and setup. Some report that the software requires at least 6 minute setup time for operation. While referral has all the features a tracking tool might require, some reports say affiliate sales cannot be tracked. This can be a dealbreaker especially if an affiliate is convinced that the most accurate affiliate tracking tool can keep track of them. We don't want our hard work thrown aside. Referral pay plans start at $89. A month and can be quite costly. Enterprise plans are customized to each individual client.

Click Inc

This intuitive interface can be very helpful for someone unfamiliar with HTML. Trulink format can improve SEO by directly pointing you in an email to your website rather than coding. Several other key functions include: Intelligent Report that provides traffic status, commission data, graphs, sales information. Click is also a popular management tool allowing users to create coupons as well as follow-up with merchants. The initial plan can be purchased for $25 per month and you can choose between 69 - $199 per month plans. Tell Me The Reasons for Affiliate Websites Creating Profit?

How to choose the Best Affiliate Tracking Software?

Best affiliate tracking software should track all affiliates results and report on conversions. Ideally, your report should be monitored in your preferred reporting platform, including Google Data Studio. You need to be able to send data from your conversions to your PPC channels to optimize the campaigns you run. A good way to create an audience on Facebook is to use Google Analytics to create custom campaigns. Similarly, reputable affiliate tracking systems must have an easy to use interface. User-friendly software is essential for Affiliate Marketing.


Kintura is a platform primarily for affiliate marketers to engage in high-volume popup traffic. It uses AI to make specializing products a unique industry advantage – innovative algorithms maximize conversion. Kintura minimizes wasted time by offering instant updates of the most accurate information. Kintura can accommodate 30 simultaneous users and is an ideal option if you work in big teams. Kintura is expensive with rates ranging from $99 to $999 in enterprise plans. However, a 14 days test period can guarantee your commitment before signing up.


Partnerize is known to provide specialized surveillance services. It has an excellent affiliate marketing tracking system that allows for easy integration with most ecommerce websites. Unfortunately, the dashboard for affiliates is less intuitive than the other platform's interfaces. Some affiliate users reported bugs in their program where information on reporting tab defaulted to their original settings, despite filtering. Pricing for Partnerize plans can be found on their website but may be requested. No free test exists here.

The cost of affiliate software

Generally, the product is priced monthly with three pricing tiers according to the price of its initial product. Price range* : *These prices are applicable to entry-level/lower priced offers that appeared on the vendor website on 10.06.2020. The range represents the 25th percentile of price information collected from vendor site samples. This list summarizes pricing of most basic product plans. Enterprise or premium items priced higher may contain additional capabilities like segmentation of customers or knowledgebases.


Offerslook offers a number of affiliate tracking software solutions which are gaining popularity on these lists and are widely recognized. Using our revenue tracking platform you will be able to monitor affiliates success. Offeringslook also offers good information with detailed reports. You can personalize reports by selecting data that you want. You will get more detailed analysis by exporting data into CSV files. Some people however report problems in reaching Offerslook customer support as well as complaints.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

This list of the top affiliate marketing monitoring software programs can be found here. FirstPromoter is our first affiliate tracking program. FirstPromoter provides SaaS organizations with easy tracking, managing & optimization of referral-based advertising. Affiliates can see their affiliate marketing statistics easily and share referral links in their own dashboards, while corporations can reward each other for joining. The software offers the ability to pay a single affiliate at once by simply clicking a link to a site.


Tapfiliate provides merchants with their own dashboards for tracking their performance. The Dashboard shows your conversion numbers, sources, and payouts. The platform has not yet become a reliable affiliate tracking system due to difficulties in setup. Tapfiliates plans begin at $69.75 per month for Essential plans. Pro plans include all of the essential services as well as many other features and the monthly cost is $149. Tapfilaate provides customized quotations for complex requests.


Hitpath provides an intuitive approach to identifying and describing digital marketing objectives. This is used as part of a measurable, efficient customer engagement program. Hitpath is a highly efficient tracking software which allows affiliate tracking in real-time. The program offers free tutorials for this software as well as 24x7 help. Affiliate management and realtime campaign tracking a software program accounting module, cross-platform campaigns acceleration, and easy access.

Key features

Next in the list is OSS Affiliate, which provides powerful affiliate tracking! It is incredibly easy to attract & engage affiliate marketing influencers to promote your business. It only takes a few steps to enable social sharing. Is there anything else? A variety of landing page templates from Osi Affiliate are available. You can offer your customers promotional codes to boost profits.

Post Affiliate Proposal

Post affiliate pro has specialized e-commerce tracking capabilities to optimize the traffic to their sites. There are over 100 affiliate management options available. Unfortunately a few retailers are complaining about the lack of reliable data for their sales. Post Affiliate Pro is incredibly effective because its pricing is very affordable and it is an excellent affiliate tracking software. A third report said affiliate customers could not be contacted direct for help.


Has offered track software are preferred choice by more than 115,000 online businesses. It supports worldwide businesses including Social Living Social and Zynga. It has all the tools you would require when running an affiliate business to earn money. Features of these products include: Fraud protection, unlimited partner relationships, 100% tracking uptime, extensive API and more. It is easy to leverage ad agencies to advertise a business on a website or mobile.

Busting a persistent link tracking myth

Since Bitly was launched as link shortener, there have been several reports that Bitly could track affiliate links. This shortened link can help you share links with others and track the number of people clicking on them on social media. However, this data is very limited and not useful to any robust data-driven campaign. You may need a solution to make marketing more efficient. Let's look at some great things!


If a person is searching for an effective management solution that allows for the optimization of their affiliate networks, they may need cloud computing. The dashboard provides a simple way to view network performance and manage contacts in real time while viewing their performance. This software has a large variety of interesting features such as: The three prices range from basic to comprehensive.

Affiliate marketing will last a long time!

As a matter of fact affiliates now generate nearly double that of a mail order! This is 16% of US electronic-commerce purchases. Retailers spend more than $4 billion to promote affiliates. Affiliate marketing will grow to $68 billion by 2020. In fact, 86% of brands use a marketing strategy called affiliate marketing for customer acquisition!


Anytrack tracks affiliates on our website. We are a little biased, that is why we have placed Anytrack on top. Lets see how that works. AnyTrack doesn't track the affiliate sales. The system will process your conversion data and sync this with your entire advertising environment. So you have a complete 360 view of your marketing activities.

We see Anytrack as a tool for connecting data streams together

Alltrack does everything on its own so that you don't waste your precious time trying to find your way around the data you've entered. If you have any tracking tags in place for your website click on Next for an affiliate link to your Ads Network. This feature can not be found elsewhere. You cannot stream conversion information from your advertising network or any analytics pixels. Your marketing plan will therefore be very superficial and you will have to install incomplete tracking data or configure pixels and analytics.


It also tracks leads, adds calls, sales conversions and also network activity. It helps monitor and optimize your web affiliate marketing efforts efficiently to ensure a successful campaign is run. LinkTrust offers an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to view any type of ads via pixels, site posts, and cookies.


AffTrac has been the only business solution with unlimited click counts as of now. The software was utilised by many major affiliate networks from 2009 and is not a purely tracking tool. The application has a simple interface and makes it quick and efficient for tracking.


Everflow has an excellent user interface and extensive features set. Everflow features a comprehensive database of campaigns and reporting tools. Everflow also provides a low monthly cost-effective solution. It's prominent features include: • Live data on graphs.

Grow your business/network with the right plan

Our rates depend, in a similar way, on the number of requests that are needed to monitor the events. Whenever possible, our clients are strongly encouraged to choose higher subscription levels as a result of the increased subscription fees.

Find out more about Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software

Join our Post affiliation pros tour. Starting is often the most challenging step in the right direction. All customers receive free installation and integration for websites so that the company can guarantee long-term satisfaction.

How do I build a blog?

Please join Post Affiliate Pro today! Immediately when you login, you will receive an email that includes all the login details for your accounts. Once installed, you can login with your account from this site.

Tell me the affiliate program?

Affiliate software automating onboarding contracts, reporting, tracking activity, and payments is available for the Affiliate Programs. It helps in creating a more efficient way to manage affiliate programs.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius was founded in 2008 by the founders of Savings.com and Commission Junction. This product has the following key features: Integrations with Salesforce.com and CRM. Analyze in real-time.


Voluum is a platform for managing tracking and optimizing ad campaigns. Use Volume Performance Tracking Software to optimize campaigns for maximum conversions of traffic to the highest quality.

Final words

All of these tools offer different features. Try it for 1-2 days to see if you find the right fit. Affiliate marketing is an effective way of increasing products and income. More information.

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Bit.ai provides a centralized workspace collaboration tool for document management. This tool allows teams to exchange information and connect digital resources in an efficient way for showcasing their work. This cloud-based solution is easy-to-use and allows anyone to create a variety of internal notes and documents for clients. It's the smartest Google Docs and Word alternatives. Bit. Ai is widely accepted across the globe, from IT teams that create internal documentation and information bases, to sales and market teams that share customer materials and client portals. Please visit Bit.AI for more details.


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